CCP4 Structure Solution Workshop

Organizers: Eugene Krissinel, Charles Ballard (Collaborative Computational Project No. 4, CCP4, UK)
Date: 17th August 2019 (1 day)
Time: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.


The workshop will demonstrate using CCP4 Software Suite for the determination of 3-dimensional macromolecular structures from X-ray diffraction images. Participants will learn the use of main CCP4 applications for data processing and reduction, phasing, density modification, model building, refinement, validation and deposition on the example of demo project based on pre-selected data. Operational principles of the new CCP4 interface and CCP4 Cloud will be explained in details, as well as major structure solution techniques. Interested participants, having challenging problems and seeking advice, are encouraged to contact organisers few weeks before the event. One or two exemplary problems of educational value may be selected for detail consideration at the workshop.